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"I was right to seek further evolution!"

- Frieza

The Next evolution of frieza now on eth!

Welcome to Frieza Inu! A community driven frictionless yield token that combines gaming, NFTs, and a DEX.


Straight out of the world of DragonBall, Frieza Inu is set to become the most powerful community-driven token on the Ethereum Network. Inspired by his might, team has worked to create the $FRINU token to be stronger than any other token on the blockchain. With holders in mind, the token utilizes a frictionless yield protocol that allows its community to earn passive income while $FRINU grows in strength.   


Frieza Inu is more than just a frictionless yield token however! It is pushing its limits to also develop its own Dex and  combine gaming and with unique NFTs. 


From every transaction of $FRINU 1% will be  automatically distributed to its holders,. The remaining 8% goes to a  marketing  and development wallet which will be used to push Frieza Inu further to greatest and become the most iconic token on the Ethereum network yet! Continue reading to learn about $FRINU's future.

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Our team felt that Frieza Inu needed the strongest tokenomics possible to succeed and for that reason we put the holders at core of designing the token.

The breakdown is simple:

  • 100 trillion Total Supply

  • 1% Towards the redistribution for all holders

  • 8% Towards Marketing and Development of the project

  • 9% Total Fees

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100 Trillion

Team Vision - The Future

The team of Frieza Inu has been hard at work on developing the project. At the core of the project is the $FRINU token, but the team is preparing so much more! From its own Frieza Inu Swap, to the next generation of NFTs with breeding mechanics and even an NFT based fighting game.


The team is already moving quickly to develop the next phases of the project. Frieza Inu will be hosting its own token Swap on its page, allowing you to swap your other tokens for your favourite Dragonball inspired token $FRINU!



NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have become a great way to collect your favourite art and characters. Frieza Inu is working to create a series of NFTs like no other. The FRINU NFTs will have breed-able traits, allowing you to build your collection to collect complete unique NFTs. 


NFT Game

Whats even better than NFTs? 

NFTs that have a usecase! The team is not only working to create a unique NFT experience for its users, but also building a new innovative NFT base fighting game. The collection will allow you to put your characters to the test against one another and find out who is best to claim the prizes! 

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